FAU Masters in Forensic Accounting

You get a full Master of Accounting Degree the premier degree in accounting. This is the same degree that students all around the U.S. receive with one exception: rather than taking miscellaneous, unfocused electives you get an added concentration in Forensic Accounting, the hottest job area in accounting. So, with this Masters of Accounting Degree you have open to you all the same career options that come with a traditional Master of Accounting Degree, plus you gain the opportunity to experience the benefits of the fastest-growing area in accounting.

The program is offered in a fully-accredited AACSB business school. Students can attend lectures via live web-based video conferencing or in person. Students attend from 38 different states and from in countries around the world. No undergraduate business or accounting degree is required to enter the program, and many students complete the program in two years, Classes begin year around.



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