Postgraduate Counter-Terrorism Studies




  • Master of Science (MSc) Counter-Terrorism Studies
  • Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) Counter-Terrorism Studies
  • Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) Counter-Terrorism Studies


Investigating the growth of terrorism, political context and countering terrorism from academic, strategic and operational perspectives.


The Counter-Terrorism Studies PGCert/PGDip/MSc programme offers an unrivalled insight into the current debates and controversies around the subject, providing a solid grasp of the growth of the phenomena, its political context and, most importantly, delivering a thorough examination of the latest counter-terrorism measures. These are outlined from both a military and community engagement point of view and the course draws on contemporary examples and learning from academic, strategic and operational perspectives.


Its modules examine key themes and debates shaping the concepts of counter-terrorism. They address critical areas of contemporary concern within terrorism studies, covering issues stretching from contemporary issues in terrorism, intelligence and terrorist finance, through to community policing and military responses to terrorism and radicalisation.


This postgraduate Counter-Terrorism Studies programme will not only equip you to analyse the issues of terrorism, but will also help you to place them in the context of broader community, military, strategic and political considerations. You will gain a solid academic grounding in the fields of terrorism, intelligence and counter-terrorism which will equip you with the critical thinking skills needed to make sense of the ever-changing global security and counter-terrorism agenda. These skills will enable you to engage with institutions and individuals central to this area.


Your path to getting ahead

The masters degree is ideally suited to professionals seeking career advancement or further study in relation to counter-terrorism, security services, law enforcement, defence, intelligence, the commercial security industry, international governmental and non-governmental institutions, national foreign ministries and companies with a global orientation.


The vocational nature of the Masters programme is further enhanced by the dissertation, which allows you to engage in a substantial piece of research and to apply your knowledge and skills in an area of particular interest to you and your career aspirations.


The PGCert/PGDip/MSc in Counter-Terrorism Studies will equip you for analytical research on contemporary issues, processes and factors in international and transnational terrorism issues. Being delivered 100% by distance learning, you can organise your learning, and the development of transferable vocational and research skills, around the demands of your work and home life.


Visit the website to receive full details of the different award options (PGCert/PGDip/MSc), syllabus, entry requirements and fees.


This is a London Metropolitan University programme and qualification, with enrolment and delivery administered by IBC Academy. The course is taught, assessed, quality assured and awarded by London Metropolitan University.