ICFA designations

ICFA designations

An introduction to our designations


The Institute has four certification courses available to members. These courses are:



Certified Professional Forensic Accountant (CPFAcct)


The Certified Professional Forensic Accountant - CPFAcct - is the premier designation of Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants. The Diploma in Forensic Accounting course must be successfuly completed in order to be awarded the Certified Professional Forensic Accountant designation, The course is 100% online and provided by our approved learning partner, Brentwood Opening Learning College.


Brentwood is one of the UK's leading online and distance learning platforms specialising in online learning and Open College courses.  Find out more about the CPFAcct designation.


Forensic Accounting Certification


The Forensic Accounting certificate must be successfully completed to be awarded the Associate designation - AICFA.

Forensic Accounting Certification has been designed to provide candidates with an exciting and captivating introduction to the world of financial investigation and fraud detection.


This course is 100% online and is provided by our approved learning partner, Brentwood Open Learning College.
Find out more


Certified Forensic Accounting Analyst (CFAA) designation


The CFAA program is an education program for practitioners of forensic accounting and auditing, financial crime and fraud investigation who are looking to upgrade their professional skills. Find out more


Certified Professional Internal Auditor (CPIA) designation


This designation is available only to internal auditors who have chosen to undergo a rigorous, intensive process of upgrading their skills and training. Find out more


Certified Fraud Specialist Designation - CFS


This program consists of five modules. The Certified Fraud Specialist has a unique set of skills that is not found in any other career field or discipline; they combine knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of methods, law, and of how to resolve allegations of fraud.


The Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS) course is currently conducted in the KSA centre. Find out more