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Master of Forensic Accounting
from the University of Toronto.

Society is facing the increasing prospect of local, national and international financial crimes perpetrated by individuals and members of organized crime. Traditional patterns of crime are continuously being expanded and new techniques involving cybercrime and shadow banking systems are taking hold. Criminals are very clever, well-financed, and have proven very able to erode the fabric of society. However, new techniques are evolving for preventing crime and apprehending criminals such as fraud risk assessment, data analytics and security, and understanding the psychology of fraudsters. More than ever, it is essential for dedicated, intelligent investigators to develop an understanding of old and new criminal patterns, and a mastery of new and old techniques for their identification and resolution.


The Master of Forensic Accounting (MFAcc) program is designed to provide the required understanding and mastery. On a time-tested, online, distance education platform, it will offer an advanced, masters level education for professional accountants, lawyers, and other investigators. It will cover the theories, techniques and skills required for the investigation of financial crimes, the issues involved and computations required for the valuation of assets and businesses as well as the settlement of disputes, and the provision of expert assistance on these matters to courts, lawyers, corporations, and employers.


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Master of Forensic Accounting and Financial Crime

Macquarie University is renowned for excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching, a unique approach to learning, highly skilled graduates and first-class facilities. Macquarie is recognized for its distinctive curriculum which incorporates national and international engagement opportunities for students, helping to build their employability skills. As the largest Department within the Macquarie Business School,the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance actively partners with industry and government to ensure its research and curriculum is relevant and in tune with modern needs, whilst offering optimal value to our partners in terms of thought leadership and visionary analysis. With this aim, the Department offers industry recognized graduate studies in Forensic Accounting, producing in-demand quality professionals valued as consultants, investigators, and expert witnesses, who are ready to meet the challenges of a career in the highly specialised fields of forensic accounting, fraud detection, dispute resolution, and data analysis.


Continue Your Education with a Special Offer

ICFA and Utica College have recently partnered to help enhance and advance your expertise within economic crime. Earn your degree in a convenient online format at a special discount. As a member of ICFA, you are eligible for the following benefits when you apply:


  • A 10% tuition reduction
  • Potential additional tuition discounts for groups
  • A waived application fee (a savings of $50)

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Forensic Accounting MSc from one of the top Universities in the UK!


This course is designed to further students� undergraduate business studies. The Department of Accounting and Finance won the PQ magazine Public Sector Accountancy College of the Year Award 2013. It is an endorsement of the high-quality teaching we provide and further emphasises the alignment of the Department to industry.

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